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EXTRABOOKS OUTLET--bargain books: 50-80-% off on instock orders!
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  Choose a 10-CENT BOOK with each title bought at 10-CENTBOOKS
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Order 10 or more single or mixed titles in stock--take 60% off
Order 30 or more single or mixed titles in stock--take 70% off
Order 100 or more single or mixed titles in stock--take 80% off

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Sale is open to all--individuals, resellers, libraries, schools.
All books are new and in good condition unless noted. Many are out of print and may not be available elsewhere.
Stock is limited to inventories shown, so order now before someone else gets your books! Listings are updated as stock is sold.

Prices are suggested retail set by publishers. Resellers may set their own prices.

Shipping: USA--add $3.50 to ship to business or residence for postal mail; Foreign--$actual cost + $3. Shipping charge is per total order, not per item.
Payment is by check (ask and we will email order total) or on established account.

Browse or Order: You may print an order form before browsing by going to the ExtraBooks Outlet Order Form. Then come back here and scroll down to the ExtraBooks Outlet themes list, go to one or more, and from the catalog book descriptions note order numbers of titles you want, the title name in brief, and quantity. (In some cases we may be able to get additional stock beyond current inventory; ask by email.) When done making selections, send the order by email  and by postal mail with payment and your postal mail ship-to address to
ExtraBooks Outlet, 637 Blue Ridge Road, Silverthorne, CO 80498
Established accounts may phone to 970/468-7673 or email.

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